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A motorized kinetic artpiece featuring a large screen mounted to a training device rocking back and forth with a pendulum motion. Exhibited in Haus der Elektronischen Künste Basel and Ars Electronica Festival 2020.


Technical realisation for Artist Coralie Vogelaar


A motorized kinetic artpiece of a dress being pulled together and released using nylon strings while occasionally spinning around its own axis, seemingly dancing without being worn.  


Technical realisation for Artist Nives Widauer


Based on the principle of the Nipkow disk, a large steel wheel with tiny holes spins at around 11'000 Rpm. A light blinks in a specific sequence through the holes creating a moving image. A motor controller was developed to maintain a precise speed.


Technical realisation for Artist Gebhard Sengmüller


An old talkative Kelly-bag with 3 servo-motors moving the closure like a mouth, the buckles like arms and the body as if it was breathing. 


Technical realisation for Artist Nives Widauer


A tribal wooden mast with rear-view mirrors from an old scooter extending from the back. The mirrors follow the direction of the person moving in front of the mask.

Technical realisation for Artist Nives Widauer



A nine meter tall rocket built from Instrument cases of the Vienna Philharmony. Exhibited at the Belvedere, Vienna.

Technical realisation for Artist Nives Widauer

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