POL II is a multidirectional speaker which has the unique ability to place multiple virtual sound-sources at specific points in space. This function allows to create immersive surround sound environments using only one speaker unit. The system and can be programmed and operated wirelessly. Potential applications include 3D sound for VR gaming without headphones,  sound environments in public space, theme parks or galleries or as an acoustic guiding / warning device for the blind or in conjunction with usual hi-fi systems. Being a single self-contained unit POLII is compact, flexible and simple to install by either placing it on a table or mounting it to a ceiling. Settings and calibration can be done via an app. 

Labor Beethoven   


Labor Beethoven   


Akademie der Künster (Berlin)

SONØPOLIS   WasserWasser (Wien)  

Maker Fair Vienna    

Metastadt (Wien)

Music Tech Fest      Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm​)